4K Movies – What is currently available?

Looking for 4k movies and tv content to watch on your new 4k Ultra HD TV?

Could The waiting for 4k movies and 4k tv be over?

Netflix 4k Streaming!

Netflix look set to play a major role in 2014/15 providing 4k movies an tv content to our homes.  In fact 4k streaming has arrived now, with  conformation that Netflix  has begun streaming Season Two of House of Cards, as well as additional nature documentaries, in 4K. If you have a 4K UltraHD TV, getting access to the stream might be more difficult than you think.

First off, you need to make sure that your 4K Ultra HD  TV is HDMI 2.0 compatible, has a built-in HEVC/H.265 decoder, and is compatible with the Netflix 4K streaming App.

So far, 2014 models from brands listed below are the ones to check out.

Samsung: UN65HU9000UN55HU9000  – UN65HU8550    UN55HU8550

To stream Netflix 4k you will also need a fast 15 mbps internet connection.


4k movies and 4k streaming with Sony!

Step forward the Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD media streamer.



Available now for around $698 the Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD media streamer comes preloaded with 10 4k movies.  The unit has a 2TB hard drive and will connect to your home network using a wired Ethernet connection.

Free! Sony 4K Media Player with Purchase of Select Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs

 The media player is included with purchase of the 84-Inch 84X900 4K Ultra HD TV, along with a free 16GB Sony tablet and on-wall installation provided by DISH Smart Home Services.

Save $200 on a Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player when Purchased with Select Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs

Looking for a new 4k Tv set to watch 4k movies?

Check out this amazing deal on the Samsung UN65HU8550 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD - now with 59% off!



Sony’s new 4K movies download service, is now live!

Offering over 70 feature films, 4k movies, short-form videos and TV shows in native 4K Ultra HD resolution.

You have the option to either rent or purchase this media. The movie or tv show will be then downloaded to the Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD media streamer . By the end of the year more than 100 titles are expected..

The cost for TV episodes is $3.99, while movies start at $7.99 for a 24-hour rental, or $29.99 for a purchase.

Take a look at the Sony 4k Unlimited video service!



Video Unlimited 4K is accessible using the Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player with the Sony 55X900A and 65X900A 4K TVs





The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD media streamer, available to buy now – See it!


You Tube – 4k Demos

4k Sony Demo

4k Movies made possible with the GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition




Capture and share your life’s most meaningful experiences with the HERO3+ Black Edition. 20% smaller and lighter than its best-selling predecessor, it delivers improved image quality and powerful new features geared for versatility and convenience.

Professional-quality HD video up to 4K 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second Built-in Wi-Fi supports Wi-Fi Remote (included), plus content preview, playback and sharing via the GoPro App Compatible with all GoPro mounts for attaching to your body, gear, vehicles.

Available to buy now from Amazon.com – See it!      or Amazon.co.uk – See it!

Capture your own Movies with a 4k Camcorder from Sony


The Sony FDRAX1 4K


You can now tell your story in four times the resolution of Full HD with the 4K camcorder that’s made for everyone. Shoot with the breathtaking quality of XAVC-S 4K/60p and capture professional audio with XLR mic inputs. Even take direct, manual control with zoom, focus and iris rings, plus 7 assignable buttons. The groundbreaking power of 4K is ready to capture your imagination—experience it with Sony. Let the revolution begin.


Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K Video Camera


If you want to film 4k movies on a budget, take a look at this cracker from Sony.

Capture your vision in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD with the camcorder that fits in the palm of your hand. Sporting resolution that’s four times clearer than HD, this changes everything.

Capture 4k/30p video that far exceeds HD resolution

Capture the finest details in 4k (Full HD 4x resolution , QFHD: 3840 x 2160). This camcorder allows incredibly high resolution, to produce vibrant and extremely realistic images. What’s more, the blazingly fast image processor is the same one employed in professional Sony models, making it possible to record 60p movies at the camera’s full resolution for incredibly smooth and sharp playback, with no loss in realism, even when panning the camera and shooting moving subjects

 Getting 4k Movies to fit onto on to a disc is proving to be quite a challenge.


Introducing ‘Mastered in 4K’ from Sony 

Available to buy right now!

Some of the larger internet retailers, such as Sony are starting to sell its ‘Mastered in 4K’ Blu-rays.

These are movies that have been filmed in 4k, scanned in 4K and then scaled down to 1080p to fit on a standard Blu-ray disc.  At the moment there are 10 titles available such as Total Recall and Ghostbusters

What 4k Movies-’Mastered in 4k’ are available to buy right now?


Angels and Demons

ANGELS AND DEMONS re-teams director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks for the sequel to their international blockbuster adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel THE DA VINCI CODE.




A great film that just got better!


4k Movies - Ghostbusters

Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote the script, but Bill Murray gets all the best lines and moments in this 1984 comedy directed by Ivan Reitman


We have put together a selection of the very latest ‘Mastered in 4k’ titles available to purchase today from our 4k Movie Store.

What other 4k Movies can I watch on my 4k Ultra HD TV?


Also available are new optimised 4k movies (such as the one below) which promise to deliver the best possible picture quality to show off your latest Ultra HD television or projector. These again are ‘Mastered in 4k’ which means they have been scaled down to fit on a Blu-ray disc but designed to be scaled back up extremely well indeed onto a new 4K Ultra HD Television.



Films optimized for 4K Ultra HD are here to bridge the gap.  It is claimed that these films will help people to really show off their new 4K televisions and 4KProjectors. These films will have been either scanned or filmed in 4K and then scaled down to fit on a 1080p Blu-ray disc. It is unlikely that there will be room for additional features due to the sheer size of the information on each disc.

If you are interested in showing off your new 1080p TV, 4k television or 4k projector to it’s maximum, then for a fairly modest price these are very tempting indeed.

- Nature’s Greatest Journey (Limited Edition – Filmed in 4K ULTRA HD) [Blu-ray]




Enjoy this brilliant picture with exquisite detail using your existing Blu-ray or PlayStation 3 console. This Blu-ray is optimized for 4K Ultra HD TVs and Full HD TVs.  A spectacular high definition picture with amazing sound.

Imagine playing this on your new 4k Television!


SERENGETI - 4k movie




- Nature’s Greatest Journey (Limited Edition – Filmed in 4K ULTRA HD)



For a full list of 4K Movies – Mastered in 4k available to buy today please visit: amazon.com or amazon.co.uk